Regine Schumann:
Between 2 Lights

22 Nov - 28 Feb 2023

Regine Schumann: Between 2 Lights


22 Nov - 28 Feb 2023


20 Wagstaff Drive, Unit 1

Toronto, ON


Originating from a mining family, German artist Regine Schumann’s personal narrative and artistic practice have always been centered around light. Referencing both minimalism and concrete art, the intrinsic metaphors and nuances of colour and light are at the core of her artworks.

In Between 2 Lights, Schumann creates three-dimensional multicoloured spatial bodies from acrylic glass sheets, intentionally layering and mixing the hues, blending fluorescent and photo-luminescent pigments into each panel forming complementary, reflective, and transmissive elements. The result of layering the colours assumes a new viewing experience when introduced to different light sources. The entire colour spectrum of her work has a chameleon-like transition in different types of illumination; sunlight, natural or artificial light, and blacklight. When under the effects of blacklight, the intensity of the colour and light of the pieces increases considerably in the ambient space. What remains is materially tangible yet surrounded by a shroud of immateriality.

Having colour as a constant in her practice, Schumann is always searching for new forms of expression and ways of questioning light vibrations. With a perpetual exploration of the scientific and aesthetic relationship between colour and light, Schumann tests the perceptions that connect the cornea to the cerebral cortex, attempting to move beyond the rigid impasse of abstract expressionism.