Miami Villa outdoor evening

General Information:

51 Esandar Dr, Unit 3 Toronto, ON M4G 4C5 Canada +1 416 855 0006

Please note that artworks are currently only available to view through scheduled apppointments. For sales enquiries or to book a private viewing, please contact us.

Miami Pine Tree outdoor

Miami: Pine Tree Dr.

Miami Villa

Pine Tree Drive

Miami Beach, FL, 33140


archive Exhibition

Peter Weber: Network

08 Mar - 09 Jun 2023

Blue folded felt artwork by Peter Weber
New York 5th Floor Van Rossum

New York: W 28th St.

Avenue Road Showroom

145 W 28th Street

New York, NY, 10001


archive Exhibition

Kristian Kragelund: New York

01 Feb - 30 Apr 2024

Avenue-Road Toronto Brickyard

Dallas: E Levee Street

Dallas Studio

E Levee Street

Dallas, TX, 75207


archive Exhibition

Peter Steinhauer: Dallas

09 Jun - 03 Oct 2023

Wagstaff Showroom Interior

Toronto: 20 Wagstaff Dr.

Avenue Road Brickyard

20 Wagstaff Drive, Unit A

Toronto, ON, M4L 2H7


current Exhibition

Peter Steinhauer: Urban Fabric

01 May - 31 Jul 2024

Green Cocoon Walls, Hong Kong full bleed
Vancouver Showroom with Peter Weber

Vancouver: West Pender St.

Avenue Road Showroom

301 West Pender Street

Vancouver, BC, V6B 1T3


archive Exhibition

Renée Gouin: Monotype

09 Jun - 03 Oct 2023

Artwork on paper women in green blue
Toronto Eastern Showroom with Steinhauer on view

Toronto: Eastern Ave.

Avenue Road Showroom (Permanently closed)

415 Eastern Avenue

Toronto, ON, M4M 1B7


archive Exhibition

Peter Steinhauer: Cocoons

28 Jun - 29 Sep 2021

Woman walking in front of Cocoons artwork