Peter Steinhauer:

28 Jun - 29 Sep 2021

Peter Steinhauer: Cocoons


28 Jun - 29 Sep 2021


415 Eastern Avenue

Toronto, ON


In this, his Cocoons series, Steinhauer explores the extraordinary practice that is the final stronghold of the bamboo scaffolders. Throughout Hong Kong, you can witness these buildings, caged in bamboo up to 80 stories high during renovation, then covered in different colored material to eliminate falling debris.

The viewer can immerse themselves in the highly detailed picturesque photography that gives not only a visual representation of the building but a bird’s eye view into the homes and daily lives of a Hong Kong residents. In rich contrast, some of these works can be viewed as purely abstract, with the lens up close, it can be challenging to decipher what is before your very eyes.

The title Cocoons for this body of work was a natural choice for the artist. The framework; a metamorphosis; like caterpillars to butterflies. Colored material unveiled ceremoniously, exposing a brand-new facade, just as a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon, lauding its resurrection.