Renée Gouin:

09 Jun - 03 Oct 2023

Renée Gouin: Monotype


09 Jun - 03 Oct 2023


301 West Pender Street

Vancouver, BC


Renee Gouin started to develop her own unique process of monotype printmaking about 10 years ago, which blends painting with printmaking techniques. Whereas other forms of printmaking use a press to produce multiples, her monotypes are handmade singular works. The method produces flat, graphic shapes ideal for high-contrast images, but also with subtle effects at the edges and within.

Her aesthetic is influenced by an appreciation of Japanese woodblock prints, with muted tonalities and restrained compositions. She draws significant inspiration from the immediate tactile experience of her materials, especially paper – how it reacts and responds to the paint, the pressure she applies, and the marks and effects that result. These allow her to work instinctively to reflect the feeling she wants to convey in a specific piece.